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USB Condenser Microphone

192kHz/24Bit Streaming Mic with Professional Sound Chipset Boom Arm Windscreen Dual Layered Pop Filter Suspension, Studio Cardioid Mic for PC YouTube Recording Podcasting.

  • 【Easy to setup - USB Plug and Play】This USB condenser microphone enables simple setup. The mic greatly saves your time and extra cost because it provides direct plug-and-play connection to Mac and Windows computers without any additional software or accessories. Just connect the studio microphone in seconds via standard USB 2.0 port. If you are someone who likes to record music, do podcast, or do voiceovers this microphone is absolutely great for those things.
  • 【Studio build Quality】The USB mic for podcasts holds a high-resolution sampling rate up to 192KHz/24Bit. Equipped with a 16mm large diaphragm, the microphone adopts standard chipset and capacitive sensor. It records more real sound and offers excellent sound quality with a wide frequency response (100 hz to 18Khz). The recording microphone with stand gains the love of bloggers, music / YouTube video recorder, live streaming media workers, game hosts, live anchors and etc.
  • 【Cardior Pickup Pattern】The cardioid pickup pattern can correctly capture your sound and make it clearer.It records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, reducing unwanted vibrations or plosives. The Foam Windscreen and Pop Filter provides two layers of dissipation, removes the rush of air caused by vocal plosives, minimizing the popping sounds that can compromise your recording is great for studio as well as home use.
  • 【Full Kit】The USB microphone cmes with everything you need to setup a microphone in a professional way and to get the best quality out of the microphone. You will get: 1 x Scissor Spring-Loaded Studio Boom Arm, 1 x Table Clamp, 1 x POP Filter, 1 x Condenser Microphone, 1 x Microphone Shockmount, 1 x USB Audio Cable (9.8in), 1 x Foam Windscreen, and 1 x Manual. Please contact Peradix after-sales customer service center in case of any problem.
  • 【Professional Suggestion】If you are gaming, doing a podcast, or recording you usually wont have to do anything but maybe turning the mic down, because when the volume is turned all the way up the mic is really loud. So it is recommend that you turning it down to either half way or lower depending on how you like it. Turning it down will also block out alot of background noise if you are not in a low noise room already.
  • For recording music or your voice make sure you are able to soundproof the recording area as much as possible so that you can get the most crisp and clear audio.
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