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Race Remote Car

2 Pcs - Double Track DIY Assemble Speed RC Car with Remote Control Handle Game Set Age 6+ (Double)

Amazon Asin:B07RY134DN


The flexible assembly:

51pcs track, the total length of construction can be reached 960 cm, longer track length than similar products; There are also 100 pieces of assembly, different assembly of different shapes, flexible assembly, formation of children with practical skills and Force creation to build the spatial imagination of a child.

High quality materials:

The products are made from transparent and environmentally friendly, food grade PP and ABS materials, certified by ASTM, EN71, EMC, CE, etc., non-toxic and harmless.

High end design:

the track is made of yellow, green and transparent, complemented by black support frame accessories. The general assembly effect catches the eye and will delight children.

Stable structure:

The center of the track is equipped with nickel-plated steel bearings. With the powerful magnet of the remote controlled car, the remote-controlled car can be firmly attached to the track and not fall easily.

A variety of fun:

the product can be assembled into a single track, or a dual track, with two remote-controlled racing cars, two remote joysticks, accommodating two people, which can be played by two children or parents accompanying the children. children together. Play, you can also come to a competition between two adults, through the game to enhance the feelings, bring closer the distance.

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