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Magnetic Drawing Board

Erasable Scribble Board Colorful Magna Doodles Writing Pad Learning toys for Kids Children Toddlers (Middle etch a sketch

Do you find it a chore trying to find the right toy to keep your kids entertained and cheerful?

Children love to draw, and the megasketcher from Peradix is a fun, clean, and tidy variation on the traditional pencils and paper.

A magic 'pen' (attached by a piece of string to avoid losing it under the sofa) allows children to draw, scribble, and write, Use the four stampers to create fun shapes for your drawing

if one too many mistakes has been made, simply pull the eraser lever left and right,it wipes away the drawings.

The scribble board is a fun, practical way of developing artistic awareness, creativity, and fine and gross motor skills in children, and is perfect for long car journeys or rainy afternoons. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

The Reason Why You Are Suggested to Choose Peradix

1.We use 100% safe and durable high quality ABS material, good for little ones.

2.Traditional chalks/crayons easily pollute cloths and environment, sometimes the chalk dust fall into eyes and mouse which cause huge harm to health. The magnetic sketch board is ideal for keeping children entertained without getting dirty.

3.With 4 colorful zones, makes your doodle much vivider than traditional black color.

4.Pen with cable connecting to the board, avoid being lost easily.

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