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Interactive robot

with illuminated LED lights and voice repeat function , Recording Talking Robot Toys

Voice repeat:

Click on the power button on my head twice, I can repeat the voice content you said, package dialogue, singing, laughter and any continuous sound, suitable for children's intelligent interactive robot.

LED lights eyes and interesting sounds:

Click on the power button once, I will start working, if you touch my forehead, I will change the color of my eyes and make a variety of sounds, there are 7 variations.

Interesting toys:

This is an interactive robot with illuminated LED lights and voice repeating, which kids and adults like.

360° swivel joint:

My 9 joints can be rotated and there are 2 movable joints, so you can change my posture to decorative sitting position, mobile phone base or pen holder.

Safe and die-cast metal body:

The robot is made of environmentally friendly ABS and high quality die-cast metal. It has passed the rigorous testing and certification process, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and gives children enough safety.

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