【Kids Blanket】

This blanket is specially designed for children, using high-quality safe materials. The pressure generated by the evenly distributed glass beads makes the blanket wrap you tightly, which will make you relaxed and help you sleep well.

【Noise-free Design】

The filling of the blanket is Glass Beads. The beads will not move during use, so no noise will be generated, providing a quiet environment for children to ensure their quality sleep. Kids blanket is made of very soft fabric, which provides a good touch.

【Excellent Practical Performance】

Because the blanket can keep warm and has good breathability, it can be used in any season. It can be used when children are taking a nap, reading, watching TV, or chatting on the sofa to provide timely warmth for children.

【Personalized Weight】

Blankets are engineered to 10% of your kid's body weight to produce pressure on the body, this can help Your body feels more comfortable, is like a warm hug. You will feel very relaxed and go to sleep soon, giving you plenty of sleep.

【Practical Design】

Kids blanket has a non-slip hanging loop design at the corners, if it is inserted into the duvet cover, it can be fixed and prevented from falling off; the hidden pocket design can store letters, mobile phones, toys, and it is more convenient to use; the kids blanket surface is smooth and soft, and can be double-sided Use it arbitrarily.

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