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Balance Bike

 for 1 2 3 Year-Old Boys and Girls

  • ✔Kids First Balance bike➤ 
  • ①Carbon steel frame, stable structure. 
  • ②The entire balance bike is finely polished to ensure that there is no burr.
  •  ③The closed wheels can protect the safety of children's feet. 
  • ④The 135° steering limit prevents the baby from accidentally falling. 
  • ⑤Can carry more Weight, longer service life.

  • ✔Humanized design 
  • ➤ Light weight, only 2.9 kg, easy to use; with adjustable height seat (adjustable height 6 cm) and handle (adjustable height 4 cm), so suitable for more children; suitable for 10-36 months, after repeated tests by the designer, it can bear a weight of 10-30 kg.
  • ✔Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • ➤ Peradix Balance bike is suitable for all types of roads without damaging the ground. Three-layer spray paint, not easy to rust when used outdoors. The curved seat made of PU leather prevents children from leaning back. EVA silent tires can prevent slippage and are very wear-resistant while reducing friction noise.
  • ✔Balance and skills➤ This is a good choice for children learning to walk. Riding a balance bike can not only enhance children's physical strength but also improve their motor skills, coordination and agility. A balance bike can reduce the stress on the mother without having to hold the child and release her hands frequently.

  • 3 colours you may choose for you baby:pink&blue&yellow.

3 Colours you may choose: blue&pink&yellow.

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