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Baby Swimming Pool Float

Boat Trainer Seat Inflatable Swim Rings with Repair Patch and Adjustable Sunshade Kids Inflatable Pool Toys for 0-36 Months (25Kg)

❤ New design :►Saftey Design - Compared with other baby inflatable pool float,we added wings to improve product stability and prevent tilting. ►Send a Send a fantastic summer pack- Free Kids Sun Hat! Includes 3 beach toys for playing in the water or on the beach. It is also easy to carry for easy travel. This is a great help for kids learning to swim!

❤ High level of safety: Whale fin design that maintains balance. The large outer ring and two handles are designed for stability and strengthen the safety seat. Top grade Safety valve protects the swimming boat against air leaks.

❤ High quality: CE certification! This swimming seat adopt extremely durable ►PVC material, The thickness is 0.3mm, endurance, easy to inflate, waterproof, non-toxic, suitable for children. In addition, we chose bright orange in the design, we call it 'safe color', adults can always look at child safety.

❤ Removable design: Equipped with easy installation and removalble of the sunshade, it avoids direct sunlight that burns the child's skin. Steering wheel and horn design: Increase children's play pleasure.

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