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Baby Pool Inflatable Floats for 6-30 month Baby

Swiming Ring With Adjustable Sunshade/Waist Swim Boat Seat -Unique design Floats for 6-30 month Baby/Toddler/Kids- (Frog-with Repair Patch)

Peradix baby swimming ring with double crotch and buckle, elastic waistband and chest protection ensure that babies have a comfortable and safe swimming time!

Our advantages:

A ▶: With adjustable sunshade to prevent children from being burned by ultraviolet rays, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

B ▶: The latest pants pocket design prevents babies from slipping off the bottom.

C ▶: Adjustable vest-style shoulder straps and safety buckles can provide ideal swimming postures. While cultivating your baby's professional swimming postures from a young age, you can also ensure that your baby won't break free of the swimming ring. Protect your baby.

  • D ▶: Adjustable waist circumference inflatable swimming ring: waist-side inflatable airbag and adjustable seat belt, easy to adjust the elasticity, can adjust the most comfortable size according to the baby's body shape. Let your children enjoy swimming comfortably. Suitable for babies from 3 months+ (5-16 kg).
  • E ▶: Give a patch: If your baby's swimming ring accidentally breaks, you can use the patch to patch it without interrupting swimming and continue to enjoy swimming. At the same time with a manual pump x1, easy to inflate the swimming ring.
  • F ▶: More fun: The bell is designed inside the airbag. The light and pleasant ringtone evokes the baby's curiosity and attracts the child's attention. At the same time, it reminds the adult to keep the child safe. ▶ Note: Baby swimming rings should be used under the supervision of adults.

G ▶: Baby-safe materials: Imported environmentally friendly PVC material, 0.35mm thick, non-toxic and environmentally friendly printing, all parts meet ASTM, CPC and CE standards. Peradix children's hoop is waterproof, non-toxic, easy to clean, durable Features, integrated seamless stitching at the stitching place, smooth and no burr, non-slip, safe, care for the baby's tender skin.

2 kinds of baby floats you may choose.

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