• Toy Series Display

    Fill every kid's life with peace, love, passion and positivity with Peradix Toys.

  • Mother's Day Gifts

    Make the best spa like experience in your home!

    Bath Bombs - 16PCS with different effects, colors and flavors.

    The shower bombs are compact, colorful and attractively designed, which makes it perfect sense for Fathers Day Gifts, Mothers Day Gifts! The shower bombs come in an exquisitely designed package, because of which there is no need for an additional gift wrap. It is a well-crafted and luxurious set of shower bombs that anyone will be delighted to receive.

  • Chess Set

    Strategies never go out of style.

    Chess Set

    Spending more time with father or husband. Playing leisure chess games would definitely enhance the relationship, and it can improve our logical thinking ability.

  • After-sales Service

    After-sales Service

    Peradix is here to help.
    Peradix Philosophy: Focus on Quality Life
    Peradix Goal: All customers smile with Peradix’s products.

    Things keep changing all the time, so are people's needs.
    Our product variety, style different grade, new products emerge in endlessly, committed to providing customers with the best price and best quality products and fast delivery time.

    Browse the site based on the items you need or check out our curated assortments. You can find supplies including early activity games like baby balance bike, ball drop ramp and different tents, educational brain training toys like chess set and drawing board, and other new arrivals like bubble machine, bath bombs series and basic hand power training kits and so on.

    At Peradix Mall, there is always a right for you.

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